Session 2: Authorship and Situatedness

Jane Rendell, The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

As researchers we take position. This position is shaped not only by our academic work, but also by our personal experiences. Our education, institutional framework, former employment or chance encounters with a person, an object, a text, or an image may fuel our curiosity and instigate a research project. Our personal trajectory as well as race, gender, and broader socio-cultural identity shape the position(s) we take and the perspective of our research, thus shaping our contribution to our respective fields.

This session will reflect on our individual situatedness within the research we undertake and aims to clarify the researcher’s own perspective. Taking Donna Haraway’s concept of situatedness and Jane Rendell’s practice of site-writing as starting points, we look into productive ways of integrating our position in academic writing. Which material, spatial, conceptual and ideological positions do we create, integrate and appropriate as authors?